by Samantha Elin

Samantha Elin — Vocals
Bob Gothar — Guitars, Percussion
Recorded by Samantha Elin
Mixed by Bob Gothar and Samantha Elin, Tin Can Alley, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Matt Forger

If I couldn’t see
Your hand I would hold
To lead me ‘cross rugged lands
Through the dark and the cold
If I couldn’t hear
Your lips I would read
The music of your touch
Is more than I would need

I don’t need anything
But to lie here by your side
Feel your breath on mine
Knowing now the world is alright

Your heart’s so big
It could fill a desert sky
Without you darling
I’d just fold and cry
Fold and cry

If I couldn’t walk
Your arms would carry me
Past creeks and canyons
To a place we’d feel free
If I couldn’t talk
You would speak my mind
Words are like water
In these troubled times

I don’t need anything
But to love you for all time
Grow old, our faces lined
Like the rings on a pine
On a pine

Your heart’s so big
It could give a desert shade
Without you I might lay down and fade
Lay down and fade away
Fade away

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