1. Cut the Wire


by Samantha Elin

Samantha Elin — Vocals
Bob Gothar — Guitars, Bass, Drums
Danny Faragher — Trumpet
Arranged by Bob Gothar
Recorded by Samantha Elin at Tin Can Alley, Los Angeles, with special thanks to Gary Griffin
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Forger

You catch a plane back East
To your home that’s not your home
The next seat is empty
You stretch out all alone
Touch down on winter ground
Single file out the door
Your shoes feel too tight
Your head’s a grinding sore
No one’s waiting for you
Like a hundred times before
You wish things were different
Different somehow

You look up a woman
You left behind so long ago
To come out West to star
In your own imagined show
But the stars, they’ve all faded
And the music has slowed
She gave up a life of children
And married someone old
She watches him at night
And prays for his last breath
You wish it had been different
Different somehow

In California a lady lives
Beside a muddy lake
Where she keeps butterflies
Under glass for boredom’s sake
She’s pinned your yellow stripes
And squashed your soul and heart
You’re only for display
Trapping’s her fine art
You struggle to move
But it’s really of no use
If only things were different
Different somehow

You wonder if it’s too late for you
If the light’s gone dim
You know, things could be different
Different somehow

Calling, calling, calling, calling, calling
She keeps calling, calling, calling, calling, calling
Hang up the line, hang up the line
Hang up the line, cut the wire

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