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Samantha Elin--Songwriter-Singer: Photos

With Sherri Goldman, Duane Thorin and Jimi Yamagishi at the Sunday Hootenanny at Urban Homestead
SongNet Showcase
Samantha Elin with Bob Gothar at Kulak's - <i>Photo by Dennis Miller</i>
At Kulak's - <i>Photo by Dennis Miller</i>
Singer/Songwriter Danny Faragher - <i>Photo by Bryan Faragher</i>
At the Urban Homestead with (l. to r.) Jimi Yamagishi, Rob Sandiford, Calvin Joe, Jim Barile and Thomas Faher - <i>Photo by L. Warmack</i>
Singer Patty Booker
At Kulak's - <i>Photo by Dennis Miller</i>
Singer/Songwriter Patty Booker - <i>Photo by Bob Gothar</i>
Singer/Songwriter/Engineer Brad Swanson - <i>Photo by Debby Von Winckelmann</i>
Bill Cagle and I singing "Closed for Renovation" at a SongNet Showcase
Drummer/percussionist John Palmer
Engineer Bryan Faragher - <i>Photo by Danny Faragher</i>
Guitarist Howard Yearwood - <i>Photo by Bob Gothar</i>
(l. to r.) Guitarist Bob Gothar, Samantha Elin, and singer John Cowsill - <i>Photo by Dan Hughart</i>
Singer-songwriter-guitarist Hirth Martinez and Samantha Elin - <i>Photo by L. Warmack</i>
Dan McNamara
Singer/Songwriter Hirth Martinez Outside the Fret House - <i>Photo by Richard Bowles</i>
Wrote my first few songs with this - <i>Photo by Debby Von Winckelmann</i>
Keely Smith - <i>Photo by Dave Bertiz</i>
<i>Photo by Robert A. Finkel</i>
<i>Photo by Robert A. Finkel</i>