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Samantha Elin--Songwriter-Singer: LISTEN TO MUSIC

Ghost (piano/cello ballad)

(Written by Samantha Elin/Brad Swanson)
Performed by Nicole Gordon
by Samantha Elin/Brad Swanson

You take another sip from your coffee cup
Turn another page but you never look up
I’m starting to wonder if I’m still alive
Cuz I can’t seem to reach across this divide

Am I a ghost in my own house
I can’t recall the last time
you noticed me at all

Is there an “us” left to be saved
Two troubled souls trapped in a maze
And if the bed were bare of sheets where I once laid
Would you care that I was gone or let my memory fade?

Can you hear me
Can you see me
Don’t let me disappear

Am I a ghost in my own house
Cuz I can’t recall
The last time you noticed me at all

Floating through walls was never enough
You didn’t even notice I’d fallen out of love

Nicole Gordon — Vocals
Brad Swanson — Keyboards, Strings Programming
Arranged by Brad Swanson
Recorded and Mixed by Brad Swanson at SwanSound Music, Woodland Hills, CA, and Mastered by Matt Forger