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Samantha Elin--Songwriter-Singer: LISTEN TO MUSIC

Waiting for You (acoustic folk)

(Written by Bob Gothar/Samantha Elin)
Performed by Hirth Martinez
Music by Bob Gothar
Lyrics by Samantha Elin
© 2010

Sitting on a bench
Waiting for a friend
Old man beside me
Writes a letter he’ll never send
Dog chasing its tail
Bird begs for a crumb
Kids race across the grass
Don’t care who’s lost or won

What a way to spend the day
Waiting for you to come

Paper airplanes fly
Trying to touch the sky
Old man tells me
His life story in rhyme
I see lovers holding hands
Squirrels playing in the sun
Skaters colliding
One falls and twists her thumb

What a way to spend the day
Waiting for you to come

I know every line of your pretty face
How the wind twirls your hair
How sweet your lips taste

Sun slipping down
Throwing shadows on the ground
Children’s laughter
Fades to a lonesome sound
You come running up the path
To the beat of my heart’s drum
The old man gives you his seat
As he quietly hums

What a way to spend a day
Waiting for you to come
And here you come
Here you come, here you come

Hirth Martinez—Vocals
Bob Gothar—Guitars

Engineered & Mixed by Samantha Elin, Tin Can Alley, Los Angeles, CA, and Mastered by Matt Forger