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Samantha Elin--Songwriter-Singer: LISTEN TO MUSIC

Silent, Still (folk-pop ballad)

(Written by Samantha Elin)
Performed by Nicole Gordon
By Samantha Elin
© 2011

I waited for you
I waited the day
I waited through the night
But you never came
No you never
I stood at the mouth
Listened for the river
To whisper your name
She was silent, she was still
I stood there the same

The moon shone down
Reflected off the water
The last man remaining
Turned his search lamp off
Faraway crows the only sound
He gazed down tired and hopeless
The sky opened up to rain
He was silent, he was still
I stood there the same

I remember when
You were three years old
And snow weighed heavy
On the roof
I sat by your bed
And held your hand
And wished for you
All that was good

The sun rose up
Shed light on the question
The river cradled the answer
In her arms
Washing you gently
Along her banks
I wove you a pillow
Of petals
Covered you in a blanket
Of leaves
But you lay silent, you lay still
I stood there the same

Nicole Gordon - Vocals
Bob Gothar - Guitars, Bass
John Palmer - Flat Drum, Cymbols, Chimes, Tambone
Arranged by Bob Gothar
Recorded by Samantha Elin at Tin Can Alley, Los Angeles, CA, and John Palmer's; Mixed by Samantha Elin and Bob Gothar, and Mastered by Matt Forger